About The Apprentice of Life

Hi! Welcome to The Apprentice of Life Blog,

my name is Yasmin and I’m a twenty-eight year old University student from Montreal, Canada. I am originally from El Salvador but I’ve been living now in Canada for almost ten years, this is now my dear home.

I’ve been blogging for several years and owned several blogs that are now long-gone. I’ve had a hard time dedicating time to blogging but here I am, still trying because I love to write, first of all, and because I want to help the world to be a better place… with words! And what better place to share your ideas and write about the things that inspire you, than a blog? 🙂 So The Apprentice of Life is a project of mine that have existed for about a year in which I hope to share pieces of positivism and anything that can contribute to a life full of beautiful things!

I am passionate about many things, from abstract things to material ones. Like the smell of coffee in the morning, or the colours of the sky of a nice autumn sunset. That is why I love things like photography, because we’re able to capture the beauty of the world in still images. I am also passionate about other tangible things, like videogames, books, and cute things of vibrant colours. I also love watching Netflix shows, good movies, and cooking!

Feel free to message here and thank you so much for reading this! We can keep in touch via Instagram, Twitter or even from blog to blog! (You know what I love? Following people with great and diverse pictures on Instagram!)

Let me share with you one of my favorite pictures: (I took this one last summer @ Botanical Garden of Montreal).


Wish you always the best,

Yasmin S.


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