That Stress Caused By Midterms…

It is that time of the year for me, that time of year that only happens twice or thrice for some of us… that time of  year that some of us see as almost as terrifying as having finals, but maybe others don’t see it as a danger at all…

If you’re like me and gets utterly stressed whenever you’re facing midterms… welcome to the club.

This is that time in which we have to learn everything from a whole (half) semester…. I admit that I am still struggling a lot with getting rid of my bad habit to cram everything last minute. Even though this semester I did start studying almost every other day… I STILL STRUGGLE and I feel totally unprepared to face my exams.

Worst is that whenever I am stressed like this, other things want to gain my totally undivided attention inside my brain (like the manuscript of that novel I’m working on, or playing videogames). I think it is my brain’s desperate effort to run away from responsibility and hide itself within the pleasure of leisure activities…

That’s why I’ve established for myself a DISCIPLINE and action plan, which I plan to write about once I’m a 100% sure it’s proven effective.

Before that, wish me luck! Twice, since I’ll probably be stressing all over again once I face finals in April…

Happy Monday!



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