The Sad Truth…

The sad truth is… that my paid web hosting is about to expire… today or tomorrow, I can’t remember when.

The sad truth is… that nobody is going to read this post, but I still want to write it.

The sad truth is… that once again, I didn’t do the things I had planned for my blog. Because of school, work, because I don’t have money and I’m flat broke… and mostly and above all, because of my own personal lack of motivation.

What do you need in order to create a lifestyle blog? I used to believe that you need money. You know, in order to pay for all the travel, restaurants, clothes, makeup… I used to believe that you need to show the world how consumerist you are and how much you believe in capitalism. That is probably the truth about fashion and beauty blogs -not that consumerism or capitalism is a bad thing, I’m not a socialist-, but in order to keep the posts coming, you need to have the capital.

A lifestyle blog, is much more than just consumerism… it’s heart and soul. It’s a voice. A voice deep inside that constantly wants to come out and be heard. A lifestyle blog is what you make of it. A lifestyle blog it’s your child.. And of course, like a child, it requires maintenance and love.

How can I write a lifestyle blog when my own lifestyle is a mess? Negative as it sounds… there are things that are priority on my life: right now my priority is school.

Last semester was my first one at college. I dreamed for ten years about going to university. I wasn’t able to for personal and financial reasons, so I took the first step. My first experience wasn’t the best, since I had the most disastrous semester ever… I got so depressed, thinking that I’m a failure and I’m not smart enough. Well, after ten years without sitting in a class, I was probably adapting to it, so I couldn’t have known what to expect: It hit me like a splash of freezing-cold water on a morning. And the last thing I was thinking about, was blogging. Who wants to hear the words of a sad college student?

Well, I believe that every experience in our life, be it good or bad, makes us who we are. I take that experience to learn from it. I thought about quitting school, I wouldn’t have been the first one nor the last one, but I am still here, trying again… trying harder, trying smarter.

But what it has to do with my blog? I won’t be trying to be successful anymore, that proved wrong, that led me to be another sad, failed wannabe blogger. My paid web hosting may have died, but I’m coming back. And this time, I will be myself.

No money for restaurants or for traveling around the world, just me and my thoughts, my words.





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